Master Projects

Here at Bolalek Construction, we believe that great work leads to great relationships, which is why we put our heart and soul into each and every project. Please take some time to view our completed projects.

bolalek construction, westwood, ma

Westwood, Massachusetts

Designed by Meyer & Meyer Architects, this pool house gives the homeowners a place to gather and entertain year-round. Opening onto the pool patio in the summer and warmed by a large fireplace in the colder months, it is a connected to the main house by a covered walkway. High ceilings, timberframing, and natural finishes give this pool house down-to-earth grace.
bolalek construction, brookline, ma

Brookline, Massachusetts

An addition to an old home must be seamless right down to the stonework, and a grand old home deserves a fitting courtyard. We made sure that this property was cohesive, with spaces wonderful to spend time in both inside and out.
bolalek construction, newton, ma

Newton, Massachusetts

In remodeling a historical home in Newton and creating a new addition to make room for common living spaces, we retained and emphasized the historical feel and beauty of the home while allowing it to serve modern needs in a practical way.
bolalek construction, wellesley, ma

Wellesley, Massachusetts

The homeowners of this suburban Tudor-style wanted changes made so that their house better fit their interests and personalities. Changes to the home on all floors reflected the couple's interest in travel and made the spaces into rooms that are a pleasure to make a home in while being reminded of adventures around the globe.
bolalek construction, belmont, vermont

Belmont, Vermont

A new structure made room for a local artist to turn her existing house into a gallery shop and studio, connected physically and aesthetically to her newly built, more spacious home.
bolalek construction, cambridge, ma

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This project was the complete transformation of a tired house into a warm and vibrant home that allows the homeowners to inhabit and grow here as a family. Working with Horst Buchanan Architects, we refreshed this building top to bottom, giving it a unique, warm, and colorful character fitting with its original early-20th century charm.
bolalek construction, mt. holly, vermont

Mt. Holly, Vermont

This home was designed entirely by Andy Bolalek and built by Bolalek Construction. Using materials reclaimed from many demolition projects through years of remodeling, this home was built as a place for family gatherings and hospitality in the rustic landscape of southern Vermont.
bolalek construction, mt. holly, vermont

Cambridge, Massachusetts

One of our most drastic renovations, this historical house had been edited from Victorian height and complexity to 60s flat-roofed modernism when we were chosen to work on it. Restoring its character to hearken back to its roots, we reworked its vertical structure and brought custom elements to give it a unique contemporary character.
bolalek construction, cambridge, ma

Coolidge Hill (Cambridge), Massachusetts

The remodeling of this Cambridge historical home came after the attic suffered fire damage; bathrooms and bedrooms were remodeled and the historical main staircase was restored to a glowing central focus of the home. We made sure to bring the structure back to its historical beauty through the lens of modern practicality. As to the damaged attic, it is now converted into comfortable living and guest quarters on the entire third floor.