What our Clients Say About Us...

Ode to the House Whisperer

From the get go we called him the house whisperer.
While others came with fancy software
and “process control diagrams,”
he came with nicknames, like “Father” and “Icy.”

When others told us,
“Many subs for maximum leverage”
He came with,
“Subs are more like extended family
for the specialized doings.”

When others told us of advanced new materials,
He told us: “I think the house wants to keep this wood…
I think we should listen to her.”

He and his “extended family” have coaxed
And cajoled this raw tired woman
Pulled her away from her path to collapse.

Now lustrous, beautiful and strong as she ever was
She carries us all with proud grace.

- John & Mandi, Cambridge, MA

There are no words to describe how we feel, except to say you turned our house into our home, a sow's ear into a fine purse! THANK YOU!
- Rob & Lisa, Newton, MA

Thank you, Andy, for being our builder not once, not twice, but three times! We were so thrilled the first time that Andy and his wonderful crew transformed our home from a very standard raised ranch into a custom contemporary home with every amenity. We really appreciate your attention to detail, your talent in design, and your advice. ...We look forward to many more happy memories in our home that Andy built and we can't thank him enough!
- Ann & Ken, Dover, MA

   Shortly before we undertook the large renovation of our house, I was having coffee with several friends of mine and was regaled with horror story after horror story of construction projects gone horribly wrong. They then gave me a book “How to Survive Working With a Contractor.” I left Starbucks wondering what my family had gotten ourselves into. As I worked with Andy and his crew I discovered that my friends' experiences would not be ours. He is more than a craftsman; he has the soul of an artist.
- Jim & Bryann, Newton, MA

   In our 6th year of sheer enjoyment of our Bolalek renovation, we still find no greater pleasure than spending time at home. Having lived our whole adult life in our Wellesley home, to finally have a living room made for real LIVING in, is truly special. From the gorgeous Bubunga floors to the conservatory, to the massive one-piece custom table… we are very happy campers. Our Balinese bedroom and bath has become our sacred space, and not a day goes by without feeling and appreciating the serenity of these rooms. It is a blessing to come home to.
- Glenn & Susan, Wellesley, MA